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Wider than grand canyon

Wider than grand canyon

I'll let you in on a Little secret! This blog is about absolutely nothing important. Just my thoughts and what goes on in the head of a Tech nerd!

02/24/2016 From Overblog

Finding great electric scooters

I have been on the hunt now for a new Electric scooter for quite some time due to my old one has tossed in the towel. I've found a few favorites now but I have had a hard time deciding which one to choose since they are all pretty nice. Finally, I just made the call and went with a top reviewed one. It's quite nice to have all these electric scooter review sites out there to check and compare them to each other.

I finally went for the Eco reco m3 since the m5 was way to expensive for my pockets at the moment and I really need a new one. My old Razor isn't much to brag about anymore. I went with this one even though I have had one with a seat Before i felt that I would much more like a stand up scooter this time. It goes way faster too, about 15 mph which is probably 5 mph faster than the old razor one.

Will take a few shots of it and upload as soon as it arrives so you guys can have a look at it! It is way slicker and I Think its going to be a blast to ride this Electric scooter because my old one wasn't even fun to ride with anymore due to its bad battery and brakes you were scared most of the time not to be able to stop if you needed to.

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02/13/2016 From Overblog

Stolen info fbi?

So according to Tech news World A hacker has stolen information from both fbi, homeland security employees online. Not like its the first time guys. Neither will it be the last...

Found the full article here: technewsworld.com

There is Always going to be a loophole where someone that is to interested in knowing things nobody else knows will try and take advantage off. I Think it's good as long as there are no great harm to humanity in it.

I do not say that I Think it's good that someone stole employees information, they are but only humans like ourselves and should be treated alike. But I do not go against sharing information that is something I strongly Believe in!

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02/10/2016 From Overblog

Making a mence

Making a mence

So it's finally time to pick up bloging... I've been thinking about it for years and I will try to keep you guys updated about what's going on in an 23 year old dudes head. My passion in Techy things and even though it might not be furbys anymore I still Think they're kinda cute and I've been having them as my profile Picture on different platforms for years!

So why change a winning concept?

Final Words, welcome to my humble Palace!

And yes I did bluefurby you right there!

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